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~ Empowering people to live in alignment with their truest expression ~

Working With Root To Rise Sounds Like This...




    Linsey Denham


    I didn't even know what I wanted Tamiah to help me with, I just knew that I needed her to ask me some questions, to help me find some clarity of purpose...and she did. She has awesome intuition and organizational skills plus, she goes above and beyond with the support and encouragement she provides. Highly recommend this lady, if you want to plan your route forward. Thanks Tamiah. Lxx





    Melissa T Downard


    Tamiah Johnston is the heart and founder of the Peace group where she helps and allows others to shine their light in all directions and helps up life you forward with clarity, intention flow.
    This unique group she has brought together as a collective is the frontier of our future communities and communications as we are shifting through these new and unprecedented and unparalleled times!
    Reach out to Tamiah Johnston to help move you forward on your next endeavor!

    Melanie Booth Fisher


    I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing a reiki session with Tamiah.
    As each of the chakras were targeted I could feel a warm current that emanated to what i can assume were the areas needing attention.
    When the session was completed I was in a deep state of relaxation.
    For those of you who are challenged to relax or meditate i would recommend contacting Tamiah!


    Charlene Forrest


    I did a Reiki session virtually with Tamiah, and I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.
    Tamiah is an amazing and caring healer.


    Colleen Campbell


    Tamiah introduced me to my first Reiki session.
    It was an amazing experience!
    I noticed a huge improvement in my mental abilities!
    I was able to focus, I was relaxed and everything just seemed to flow easier!
    I will be going to see Tamiah again!


    Kalei McClellan

    I had the pleasure of having my first ever Reiki Treatment done by 
    Tamiah Johnston and it was amazing!
    Not only did Tamiah provide a peaceful and calming environment to relax in, she also ensured I felt safe & comfortable during the entire treatment.
    I was able to tune in and feel the energetic shift happening throughout my body and left feeling light, energized and inspired.
    I look forward to getting another Reiki Treatment done by Tamiah and highly recommend her to anyone that needs a little energetic uplift!!
  • Rosemary Davison

    Over the eighteen years I’ve known Tamiah, not only has she proven herself to be hardworking
    and supportive, but also an amazing motivational influence. Tamiah will go above and beyond
    to help you accomplish your goals, whether personal or professional. I highly recommend her

    Sara Hughes Olscamp


    I had a Reiki session with Tamiah and it was just wonderful!
    She made the environment very relaxing and she has a warm "touch", I floated home on a cloud.