Session #13 - Sunday Apr 5 @ 2:30pm

Taking Care of Mama - Your guide to making more time for what truly fills your cup even while you are #social distancing
Kalei McClellan & Katie Oster, Kalei + Katie Two Canadian Mamas & Co-founders of the Mighty Mom Movement

Session Description: "You can't pour from an empty cup". We have all heard it before, but how to actually put this quote into practice is a whole other thing. When you are in the thick of Mom life and then forced to self-isolate with the kiddos, finding time to care for yourself can feel like an impossible task. From our own need to find a way to make self-care more consistent in our daily lives, Katie and I sought out on a journey to discover not only how to make more time for ourselves, but also how to use that time to truly fill us up.

Watch the recording here:

Throughout this journey we have learned just how challenging taking time for ourselves can be, especially when you are busy juggling everything and everyone else around you at the same time. What we have also learned though, is just how necessary taking time for ourselves is to ensure we show up as the Mothers and Women we want to be. To help make sure we are able to take the time we need for ourselves as often as possible, we developed simple and practical tools we could apply to our own lives. And once we started, we never looked back baby!

So join us as we share why we believe caring for ourselves is so important, what has helped us make self care a daily habit in our own lives, and what will help you recharge, refill and feel ready to take on another day in the Hood!


Kalei + Katie

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