Session #5 - Wednesday Apr 1 @ 2:30pm

5 Mind Hacks to Relieve Stress & Anxiety During This Pandemic
Nathalie LeFave, Certified RTT and Forrest yoga Coach, Huna healing Practitioner

Session Description: Nathalie has been a leader in Holistic Health and Wellness for 16 years. She started her private practice with a mission to treat the Body, Mind and Soul as one. She uses her knowledge and training in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Energy healing and Forrest Yoga to assist others in working through their physical, emotional and spiritual blocks to express their greatest purpose in life by releasing trauma, fear and pain and to attain optimal health. She will teach you how you can collaborate with your Mind to create the fulfilled emotions you want to feel and release the unwanted ones.

Watch the recording here:


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