Session #9 - Friday Apr 3 @ 2:30pm

Guided Meditation to Empower You During These Difficult Times
Sonia Madan, Reiki MasterTeacher - CRA, Certified Consulting Hypnotist -NGH, Access BARS Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator

Session Description: Guided Meditation to empower you during these challenging times.
Let us shift our focus from anxiety, fear and distress and create some inner calm. In this guided meditation you will experience and learn how to let go, release the heavy and dense emotions you are feeling, clear the energy and raise the vibration, yours and that of your loved ones. When you are relaxed, and your energy is vibrating at its optimal levels, you are less likely to get sick. This meditation is perfect for everyone, even if you have never tried meditation before!

Watch the recording here:

Sonia Madan has been helping her clients, for over 20 years, to release and resolve their daily stresses. Stress may be related to physical, mental, emotional, financial or relationship challenges. All sessions are customized, offered through video calls, using mind and energy techniques such as Reiki, Meditation and Hypnosis.


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