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Connecting With PEACE is partnering with Introspective Films & Media By Mo and launching a fresh project!


We are a Milton based group called PEACE TALKS looking to help people who have lost their way and really need some support getting back on track.  


Often, as individuals facing a life problem we become overwhelmed and feel hopeless. PEACE TALKS aims to prove that as a community if we all do our part, anything is possible.


We are looking to help and support all the participants to move past their life blocks.  With your help, we can not only help them overcome their respective roadblocks we can also create a platform which inspires others to do the same throughout Milton and across Ontario.


With the social climate being so turbulent our goal is to help uplift our community.  We are hoping you can help us with a donation or a suggestion of resources that will contribute to our community project.


Find Introspective Films here: