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 P.E.A.C.E. Summit 

Enjoy a journey of wellness and growth with this FREE Summit!  Simply click on the link to the session/s that you want to watch and sit back and enjoy!  
Sessions range from 30-70 mins - set aside time to take it all in......


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Session #1 - Monday March 30 @ 2:30pm
Mindfulness Basics to Make Life Feel Easier
Linsey Denham, Emotional Support Specialist, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki & Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator & Trainer  
Tamiah Johnston, Founder of P.E.A.C.E., Organizer & Speaker

Session #2 - Monday March 30 @ 6:30pm
Opening Up to Your Own Awareness & Intuition
Melissa Downard Brankiewicz, Spiritual Channeller & Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Essenian Assistant Healer, Speaker, Writer, Registered Practical Nurse & Owner of True Beings of Light Intuitive Healing

Session # 3 - Tuesday March 31 @ 2:30pm
Connecting BIG Dreams and Real-Life Ideas: Mapping Out Your New World
Cheryl Martin, Resiliency Coach & Post Traumatic Growth Expert. Founder of Lighthouse Leadership Circle and Co-Founder of Soul Sister Circle (with @Angela Martin-King)

Session #4 - Tuesday March 31 @ 6:30pm
How Fasting Can Improve Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health
Charlene Forrest, BA CYC, Dipl. HSc

Session #5 - Wednesday Apr 1 @ 2:30pm
5 Mind Hacks to Relieve Stress & Anxiety During This Pandemic
Nathalie LeFave, Certified RTT and Forrest Yoga Coach, Huna Healing Practitioner
Tamiah Johnston, Founder of P.E.A.C.E., Organizer & Speaker

Session #6 - Wednesday Apr 1 @ 6:30pm
Holistically Healthy: A Whole Body Approach to Health
Jackelyn Hurtado, Manual Osteopath, Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Session #7 - Thursday Apr 2 @ 2:30pm
Bridging The Gap: The Science & Spiritual Truth Behind Healing
Dr Angela Martin-King, Chiropractor, Mind-Body Connection Practitioner and Master Coach. Founder of The Healer's Circle and Co-Founder of Soul Sister Circle (with @Cheryl Martin)

Session #8 - Thursday Apr 2 @ 6:30pm
Take Care of Your Mind, Body & Soul Through Creativity, With Dance
Monique Armstrong, Owner/Artistic Director of Sky Phoenix Studios

Session #9 - Friday Apr 3 @ 2:30pm
Guided Meditation to Empower You During These Difficult Times
Sonia Madan, Reiki MasterTeacher - CRA, Certified Consulting Hypnotist -NGH, Access BARS Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator

Session #10 - Friday Apr 3 @ 6:30pm
Awaken to Your Soul's Purpose
Nisreen Mama Foda, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Facilitator and Owner of Holistic Life Solutions

Session #11 - Saturday Apr 4 @ 2:30pm
Standing Firm When Your World is Shaking
Eric Bastien, Teacher, Speaker & Transformational Life Coach (certified with the Brave Thinking Institute)

Session #12 - Saturday Apr 4 @ 6:30pm
Making Healthy Eating a Habit
Stephanie Libregts, HWL, FIS Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, Group Fitness Instructor

Session #13 - Sunday Apr 5 @ 2:30pm
Taking Care of Mama: Your Guide to Making Time for What Truly Fills Your Cup Even During #social isolation
Kalei McClellan & Katie Oster, Kalei + Katie Two Canadian Mamas & Co-founders of the Mighty Mom Movement

Session #14 - Sunday Apr 5 @ 6:30pm
Upgrade Your Money Mindset: How to Transform Your Money Paradigms to Allow More Prosperity Into Your Life
Nikki Dambrosi, Mindset & Sales Coach