Peaceful People who I know, like, trust and recommend!!

Andrea Holmes 
Travel Advisor
Own Your Day Travel
Toll-Free: 888-688-9438 / Office: 226-298-0788 Ext 116
Email :

Andrea is a knowledgable, helpful and friendly travel agent who will definitely help make your travel dreams come true!  

Contact her for your upcoming holiday!

Artist, Author, Teacher
Fine Arts Society of Milton
Escarpment Artists
Milton Villager Magazine

Mrs Panda (I have to call her that still, she was my Grade 1 teacher) is a talented Artist & Teacher - she teaches my kids and is so amazing with them.  Her kind nature, patience and sense of humour make her a brilliant person!  I recommend her to anyone looking to learn and have fun at the same time!

Linsey Denham - Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner


Linsey and I met through a networking group and we instantly connected, she is wise, warm and welcoming!

Linsey has many skills but the one that I have experienced first-hand is her knowledge of Bach Remedies - these are plant and flower extracts that help specific areas of your emotional health.  There is a handy-dandy little pamphlet that lists whatever emotions you are experiencing and you get to make up a little concoction that suits your needs!   I have even used these with my kids!

Visit her site/social pages and reach out if you have any questions, she has a lovely Scottish accent that I could listen to for hours on end!






Michele Cauch

Michele offers "In-home party presentations for women with a product line consisting of bath and beauty, spa and massage, and bedroom accessories. Enjoy the ultimate girls night out and treat your friends to a fun afternoon or evening".  Michele is super bubbly, fun and discreet (when needed)!  Contact her to set up your party or just shop from her site!!

Brandon Parkes
Tel (905) 878-2700 | Mobile (416) 450-8538

Brandon is a Senior Financial Planner who lives and works in Milton with families and business owners.  He helps them create their optimal financial plans for the growth and preservation of wealth, tax planning, debt management and their biggest, most important financial goals.

 Brandon is my financial-go-to-guru!  He is honest, trustworthy and truly cares!  He is insanely high energy and knowledgable with finances and investing.  He translates all the financial gibberish (to me at least) into simple and easy to understand language.  He can help you to set goals, prepare for retirement and make the most of your financial life!

Katie + Kalei Confidence Coaches for Moms/Co-hosts of the "Mighty Mom Podcast"

Kalei and Katie are phenomenal women how truly understand Motherhood and the challenges and joys that it presents.  They are kind, compassionate and truly gifted with coaching and helping women to succeed.  Their podcast is fun, informative and pure awesome-sauce!!  Check them out!

Stephanie Libregts
(416) 278-3095


Stephanie is professional, compassionate and has a ton of information around nutrition!

She helped me to figure out what I was missing in my diet. She also educated me on protein requirements, based on my structure and weight. Water intake, so many topics that I had no idea about! 

I highly recommend working with Steph to figure out exactly what YOU need as far as nutrition goes - Everyone is different!
FB: Nathalie LeFave Yoga, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Huna Practitioner
Instagram: @natlefave

Nat is such a light in this world.  I have had the pleasure of working through my spiritual journey with Nat through Huna and Rapid Transformational Therapy.  Nat is so authentic, caring and skilled with her practices.  She has a gift for making people feel comfortable and safe to open up and heal.  Nat guides you forward in life through her loving and kind manner.  I highly recommend working with Nat if you are stuck or if you simply want to learn more about yourself!

Kristin Cairns

 Every time Kristin does graphic work for me it's brilliant!  I describe what I'm thinking and she comes up with options that are amazing!  She tweaks without making me feel like a jerk for requesting the changes!  Her style is modern, fresh and professional.  Need a fantastic designer?  Contact Kristin!

Kelly Kung

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

 Kelly is professional, quick and energetic!  I had the pleasure of meeting her while we prepped a home for listing.  She has a fantastic sense of style and flair!  She will make your home look like something out of a magazine!

Shereen Visser

The Pampered Chef is a reputable company who offers quality kitchen tools. Message me to learn about all of the products offered and how to make your meal times easier and faster.

 Shereen provides excellent service with these high quality products!  Check out all of the amazing products on her site and contact her with any questions!

Independent Financial Services Representative - Primerica Financial Services
Mobile: 905-299-3465
Office: 416-519-1600
Fax: 416-287-2400

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish.  Let's Put a Plan in Place!

Silvia is such a kind, caring and trustworthy person who is beyond helpful and so down to earth!  

Gayle Kabbash

Food4Kids provides weekly packages of healthy food for children aged 4 to 14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend and during the summer.  The bags are packed by volunteers each week and then delivered by our volunteer drivers to the school offices each Friday.  At the school they are discreetly placed into the child’s own backpack. During the summer we deliver directly to family homes.

 Gayle is a true gift to this world, she gives so much back to the community and takes care of those in need.  Want to help?  Contact Gayle to find out how!

 Formerly a freelance Spanish instructor, author Rosemary Davison runs, a website dedicated to the serial novel The Girl on Harlow Street.  A murder mystery which flip-flops between modern day and Victorian England. The novel, illustrated by artist Christine Kilfoil, is published in weekly instalments and comes accompanied with articles on the creation process. The interactive endeavour brings the Victorian trend of publishing chapters of a developing novel in the newspaper into the digital age. The digital illustrations are a new take on the sketched vignettes characteristic of nineteenth century novels. While Rosemary plans to sell the finished story one day, for now, she’s inviting you to read as she writes it.

B.A., M.A., B.Ed.
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter /Linkedin

Rosemary is a gifted and creative writer with a flair for mystery and detail.  She is a true scholar who brings a story to life!  I loved taking Spanish lessons with her about 15 years ago!  Lovely lady with a beautiful soul!  Check out her novel!!  

Claudia Lopez - Zumba Instructor

One of the best things for mental and emotional clarity is exercise!! One of my absolute favourite activities/ways to exercise is ZUMBA!!

I love the music, the vibe, the movement!

Claudia is my favourite instructor here in Milton - GuayitaZumba!! 

Claudia makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. If you are brand new or haven't been in ages it is still easy to follow and fun!!

The price point is amazing!! Best price in town!



Lee Barnes
From yard work to renovations....Umbrella has your home covered!

Lee has worked on our home many times and is always amazing at what he does!  He is fair, honest and very skilled with home improvements and repairs.  Looking to get some of your list checked off?  Lee is your guy!  I highly recommend him!

Brian Stroud
(905) 484-2085

My friend Jamie kept telling me about this place next to the dance studio that I just HAD to check out....finally I did and holy mackinaw was I ever glad that I did!  I am forever looking for a great place to get furniture and original pieces locally.  Ikea, Wayfair ya but the whole process always left me yearning for a LOCAL option.  Enter Halton Hills Liquidation!  Unique pieces, modern enough for my taste and uber-affordable!!  Brian the owner is helpful, sincere and a great businessperson.  Pleasure shopping there!!  Check it out!


Vitaliy Kiy
50 Steeles Ave.East, Unit 4

I love this place!!  Choose your own wine, wait for it to be created, go and help bottle, label and cork your order when it's ready!  Amazing venue to host events as well! Vitaliy is a teddy bear with a heart of gold and the generosity of a saint!  Check them out!!